New technology relates in particular to the method of preparing varnish containing nanoparticles of silver for coating the packaging and to the device for the preparation of the aforementioned varnish - a special mixer, wherein the process of mixing varnish with nanosilver is carried out by means of, inter alia, ultrasound. The new technology was filed for legal protection in the form of an invention called "The varnish for the coating of packaging, based on a sheet fed offset machine that is meant for contact with food, and the device to receive the varnish for the coating of packaging materials meant for contact with food". It is a unique and proprietary solution which has not yet been used in the world.

This technology has been implemented in the new printing device of the latest generation utilizing innovative technological solutions, known worldwide for less than 3 years. These solutions translate into a significantly higher quality of the final product. For the device to be able to carry out the manufacturing process described in the patent application of the Wowo company, it will be produced by the manufacturer on individual request of the Applicant.

The result of the implementation of the project is the improvement of the company's offer regarding the new and unique on a global scale, high-quality and safe paper packaging, characterized by bacteriostatic properties and sensory characteristics.

Within the framework of this technology, we offer new products:
  • solid board boxes,
  • corrugated cardboard boxes,
  • wrappers.