Through a continuous improvement process of the implemented Quality Management System, we provide professionalism and reliability of services to our customers.

Particular emphasis is placed on:
  • human resources development and management,
  • continued improvement of services and their quality,
  • satisfying customer needs and expectations,
  • creation of new, innovative technologies and their practical application.

Caring about the continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided we have implemented a Quality Management System consistent with the ISO 9001:2009 norm.

To protect the environment and the trust of the customers we have also implemented a Certification system of Product Origin Control and Forest Management FSC®.

The policy of quality improvement is implemented through:
  • training of staff to improve skills,
  • improving the quality of customer service,
  • motivating staff development in the area of quality management,
  • using modern technologies and their continuous development,
  • supporting and improving collaboration with customers and suppliers,
  • implementation of processes according to established standards.

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drukarnia wowo

Please ask for FSC® certified products

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drukarnia wowo
drukarnia wowo