We fulfil all Customer requests using a variety of finishing techniques.

We offer:
  • offset gloss and matt varnishes,
  • gloss and matt dispersion coatings,
  • gloss and matt UV coatings,
  • hybrid varnish,
  • blister varnish,
  • varnish with nano-silver particles (bacteriostatic),
  • screen printed varnish,
  • soft touch effect,
  • glossy foils,
  • matt foils,
  • foils certified by the food industry,
  • soft touch foils (foil giving the packaging a pleasant to the touch "velvet" effect - used e.g. in cosmetic packaging),
  • metallic and holographic foils.
We use the following machines:
  • machines for HOT-STAMPING SBL in B1 format,
  • machine for UV varnishing using the screen method,
  • laminating machine,
  • and other printing machines.