The professionals employed in the preparation room and the well-equipped graphic design studio guarantee professional and creative consultancy in the field of designing packaging and the creation of its structure.

Our DTP / CTP studio is based on Adobe software and a dedicated Heidelberg Prinect Integration Manager system supporting, among others, the production of packaging.

The facilities include, among others:
  • Heidelberg Suprasetter 106 supersetter,
  • proof EPSON StylusPro 4900,
  • measuring instruments eXact and ICPlate X-Rite,
  • Alwan Print Verifier software,
  • cutting and creasing plotter Kongsberg XE10.
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Heidelberg Suprasetter 106

It is a large-format printing forms exposure system, fully automatic with a multiple-cassette plate feeder, offering stability and high quality of imaging. The Heidelberg Prinect Integration Manager software with Packaging Pro, Package Designer and Signa Station modules give complete control over the process of creating the packaging design, project preparation, colour management, advanced trapping, support for JDF and CIP4 standards.

EPSON StylusPro 4900

Proof prints are made on the Epson 4900 device with an embedded spectrophotometer X-Rite i1. Each print is verified spectrophotometrically for compliance with the ISO 12647-7 standard and thus constitutes contractual proof, fully compliant with ISO standards.

X-Rite Exact spectrophotometer

It is a modern professional device for measuring the color and optical density with regard to the applied optical photobleaches. It combines the features of a spectrophotometer and a densitometer, giving full information about the resulting colour, density, quantity of optical photobleaches.